Induction Furnace Crucible


An Induction Furnace Crucible heating furnace is actually an oven lined with refractory ramming compound surrounded by a water-cooled induction coil. The liner varieties a crucible the place the steel is melted. The magnetic discipline interacts with electrical currents to create electromagnetic forces that increase the temperature of the bathtub and agitate the solid steel. Read Induction Furnace Rectifier Diode

The stronger the agitation, the decrease the frequency and this creates a extra constant bathtub. These furnaces are utilized in metal and iron mills, however may also be used for nonferrous metals.

Medium-frequency graphite crucible induction furnaces are usually used to solid treasured metals. The crucible and the inductor may also be positioned in a vacuum chamber for customized casting purposes

● Stable design utilizing solid aluminum aspect plates.
● Excessive temperature prime & refractor blocks constructed to last more.
● Decrease losses on account of absence of shunts
● Easy set up.
● Easy water connections.
● Lesser cooling water required per ton of the molten steel.
● Appropriate for plug-in plug-out purposes