A. Mini-Melt Inductotherm Induction Furnaces


Mini-Melt Furnaces are little limit induction furnaces intended to meet the requesting necessities of speculation casters and others.
Mini-Melt Furnaces are table-mounted and hand-worked. They are worked with materials that give excellent primary strength and diminished weight, key variables in furnaces intended to be moved and poured manually. Including rough artistic tops and bottoms with sturdy aluminum compound sides, they are 20 to 25 percent lighter than practically identical fired shell furnaces and 40 to 45 percent lighter than aluminum-outline furnaces.Read Induction Furnace Rectifier Diode
This decrease in heater weight is an especially significant thought close by pouring activities. Their removable front and back examination and access boards make Mini-Melt Furnaces more straightforward to keep up with and cost less to fix than shell furnaces and aluminum outline furnaces. These furnaces have a solid, strong development for long heater life. They likewise work at frequencies from 3,000 to 10,000 hertz with most extreme power usage. Mini-Melt Induction Furnaces are great for use in model projecting, little run projecting, valuable metal refining and projecting, research center activities and any place moderately limited quantities of liquid metal are required.

Features: -
1. Two Direct-Pouring Styles: Two-Man Shank and Trunnion Tilt
2. Removable Front and Back Inspection and Access Panels
3. Lifting and Tilting Shanks
4. Cast Ceramic Tops and Bottoms

B. Steel Frame Inductotherm Induction Furnaces


Steel Frame Furnaces mix the power of a rugged steel frame with the simple accessibility of a body furnace.
Because of our superior design and technological experience, Inductotherm Steel Frame Furnaces are extra environment friendly and simpler to keep up than aggressive furnaces. Steel Frame Furnaces characteristic rugged building to attenuate distortion throughout tilting and pouring operations. Read Supplier Of SCR Thyristor
They're designed with an excessive freeboard and supply further house for stable charge supplies, enabling its cowl (optional) to be simply closed because the charge melts, significantly decreasing heat loss. The raised hearth (optional) supplies a handy fulcrum for straightforward slag and dross elimination and also acts as a security barrier to your employees, serving to defend them from extreme warmth when the duvet is off.
The thick-walled tubing in Steel Frame Furnaces has a bigger current-carrying cross section than comparably sized tubing so it gives decrease resistance. This permits extra vitality to enter the soften. Each Steel Frame Furnace is designed for its structural power with the help of specifically developed computer-aided software.

Features: -
1. High Freeboard
2. Heavy Tubing
3. Magnetic Shunts
4. Push-Out Lining System
5. Load Cells
6. Back-Tilting Systems

C. Heavy Steel Shell Inductotherm Induction Furnaces


Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces can be utilized with our back-slagging characteristic, push-out lining programs, weigh frames, pit guards and extra. They are often retrofitted with a wide range of fume collectors and hoods. This contains our newest Vortex extraction hood that may assist you to adjust to the strictest air pollution necessities, akin to MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) requirements. Inductotherm’s Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces are perfect for melting all metals, together with silicon.
Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces are additionally accessible with an optional wide-bodied design which has a considerably bigger bath diameter and furnace opening and might be ideal relying on your utility. They provide extra benefits akin to lower set up prices, lower scrap prices, and higher entry to slag.

Features: -
1. Giant Access Panels
2. Steel Shell Safety
3. Insulated Covers
4. Larger Freeboard
5. Floor Leak Detection
6. Magnetic Shunts
7. Load Cells
8. Back-Tilting, Nose-Tilting and Pre-Tilting Programs
9. Integrated Fume Ring
10. Fume Collectors and Hoods

D. Small Steel Shell Inductotherm Induction Furnaces


Our Small Steel Shell Furnaces provide excessive operational effectivity with a large alternative of capacities in a cheap package.
Based on our Heavy Steel Shell Furnace know-how, the Small Metal Shell Furnace provides all some great benefits of this proven furnace design however in a smaller bundle. Small Steel Shell Furnaces have a proven “free respiratory” coil design which makes use of heavy part copper tube for max effectivity.
Along with full shunt protection, these furnaces enable larger energy density. Their most coil assist minimizes refractory stress for long lining life. For lowered put on energy leads, Small Metal Shell Furnaces are designed with facet entry energy lead connections. Small Steel Shell Furnaces are also constructed with solid ceramic tops and bottoms.

Features: -
1. High-Power Density Coils
2. Side Entry Power Connection
3. Cast Ceramic Mix Tops and Bottoms
4. "Free Breathing" Coil Design
5. Physically Operated Furnace Cover
6. Powerfully Operated Furnace Cover
7. Smolder Collectors and Hoods

E. Dura-Line Inductotherm Induction Furnaces


Dura-Line induction melting furnaces are great for when you need huge heater highlights in a medium size induction heater melter. These productive and dependable induction melting furnaces offer high functional effectiveness with a wide selection of limits in a spending plan cordial bundle. Read Subond Flexocoat 2216
Dura-Line induction melting furnaces have a body developed of weighty, cast hard-headed top and base areas with treated steel support, giving a solid and inflexible help for the substantial, copper power loop and the functioning covering. The full-segment cast metal side plates total the construction and give mounting backing to the shifting trunnion and water driven shifting chambers. Huge measurement vertical and flat hardened steel tie poles guarantee total underlying honesty.
A similar development is utilized for one or the other derrick or water driven shifting furnaces, giving single-trunnion activity and "nose-title" pouring. For front leaving drives, a metallic sprinkle plate across the front of the heater gives full insurance to the curl during melting and pouring and is effectively taken out to associate the water-cooled leads and for support. Using pressurized water worked furnaces are furnished with supports that ensure the chambers and water driven funneling.

Features: -
1. Standard Features Cast Aluminum Furnace Body with Steel Reinforcement
2. Hoist Tilting
3. "Free Breathing" Coil Design
4. Manually Operated Furnace Cover
5. Hydraulically Operated Furnace Design
6. Hydraulic Tilting
7. Push-Out Lining System
8. Fume Collectors and Hoods

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