Megatherm Induction Melting furnace


Megatherm is engaged in the production of metal heating and melting equipment and has great potential to solve thermal problems through induction. Megatherm has developed a range of induction furnaces to meet today's requirements. Reliable energy cell for metal production, this is the most proven and durable furnace indigenously to be had today. Steel melting variety is to be had from three Ton upward to 60 Tons with stable nation strength deliver as much as 30000 KW.
During melting operation, Megatherm strength elements gives most strength during the soften cycle. No molten heel is required. No capacitor switching or transformer voltage faucet is to be adjusted. Megatherm strength reassets are to be had in 6 pulse, 12 pulse and 24 pulse rectifier configuration and is designed for twenty-four x 7 running. For minimizing Total Harmonic distortion Megatherm elements all huge strength elements above 1500KW in both 12 pulse or 24 pulse system.
Over a long decade of research and development has resulted in the development of new technologies for taxiways that offer the best energy efficiency and performance on the market. They guarantee 30kWh/t to 40kWh/t lower than the latest models from all other brands. Some of the largest secondary steel producers in India and abroad have joined the green revolution.

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